Manifesting Love

If you are REALLY READY for true love, Manifesting Love From the Inside Out is the perfect book for you!

We all have a yearning for love but relationships can often be confusing and fraught with drama.  In this clear and brilliant book, Tammi Baliszewski, Ph. D. supports the reader in understanding the most important aspects to successful relationships are internal.  With honesty, down to earth advice and specific exercises Tammi will guide and support you in creating a happy, healthy, loving partnership. 

What People are Saying:

"I have read thousands of self-help books and spent thousands of dollars in therapy, Manifesting Love From the Inside Out finally helped me to really "get it."  Rather than being preached to or talked down to, I felt Tammi held my hand and gently guided me to a place of self-acceptance and Self-love.  Thanks to the information and exercises in this book, I have removed the blocks to love and am now in an amazing, conscious and committed relationship.  The love in this book opened my heart; the authenticity of Tammi's voice allowed me to see myself with clarity; the wisdom of this book changed my life." KZ  -Reader

Manifesting Love from the Inside Out is an amazing, powerful and remarkable book. The information and the exercises truly supported me in coming into a more loving relationship with myself.  Once I did, my current relationship transformed in miraculous ways - and we are now engaged!"  NR - Reader

"This book literally changed how I feel about myself and all of my relationships!  I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready for more love, more intimacy and more magic in their lives.  PC - Reader

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